OuR UniqUe StOrY =)

Sequence of our unique story-:

2000-2002 > From f1-f3, we were in da same class but we never talk...huhu..poor me..i remember that time i dislike girlz..ops.huhu

2003-2004 > We were split into different class based on PMR result maybe..huhu..i dont like my class at first..(4 Aktif). huhu, i'm struggling to settle down in da class..for Cik Shakina, she was in the next class 4 Dinamik.huhu..but again i was not even talking to her.wuu..i always lepak2 at the other class..4 Tabah n 4 Kreatif..In 2004, form 5 i have problem with my eyes and i was a little bit bookworm (pasan) as to get good result in SPM and further study in good university..hee. After SPM, i heard about Shakina open house, but i cannot went to her house coz mybe at 1st time i thought i was not invited..hehe..but actually i had family matters at that time..(take care of my mother yg tgh mengandungkan Shafiqah, adik bongsuku)

2005-2007 > In 2005, my university life started when i joined UTP and i just know that Cik Shakina was in Matrikulasi Gopeng. I had seen her with her frenz at Jaya Jusco Ipoh but again i just look2 at her la...hehe.
Until in the end of 2007, we started chatting at YM and messaging via phone as a frenz.

2008-2009 > In 2008, i got the opportunity to do my internship at Germany. At that time, we were still in contact and i felt very special bcoz Cik Shakina had shown concern about me and that's the starting point where i started to fall in love with u mydear...hehe. Although in that time, i just tried to be a gud listener for her as we shared our personal problems especially about feelings and love..haha..but deep in my heart i know that i love her..although we were up to BFF until 2009. After 10 hari raya in 2009, i told Cik Shakina about my feeling to her..huhu..

Hehe...late in 2009, my final sem at UTP..again..i was motivated by Cik Shakina to do my very best and score for da last sem and alhamdulillah i manage to reach my target..ahah..As a bff of course we keep in contact and always calling2..ehhe. i like to call this 2009 years as " tahun soklan cepu mas " as our frenz keep on asking bout our relationship...ehhe.and then we met again during our reunion at Kuantan in December 2009 but i still shy2 cat to her..haha:)

 Picture at reunion last yer..hehu
2010 > I still hope that one day ms shakina will open her heart for me..although i knew that she admired someone that was far more handsome than me...huhu..i just wait n wait..one of my frenz said that..bersabar lah sbb sabar itu pasti ada hasil yang baik...n alhamdulillah she slowly accept me to be her bf in march..until now, i believe that i love u so much ms shakina and i want u to be my wife :)

I brought Ms Shakina to meet my family ... :)

writen by Mr Sharifuddin

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Shakina Farhan on August 21, 2010 at 10:41 AM said...

Aip..sama je cerita..haha..thank you..:)


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